Food-Health Champions: The Game Changer

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Koraput has a very high prevalence of undernourishment and micronutrient deficiency. 70% population are in the grip of malnutrition with poverty in this region. Unless few urgent remedial measures will be taken, the globally known heritage agriculture will be spoiled sooner.Multi-cropping practices to optimally utilize the resources, complementary crop groups will supplement micronutrient requirements, enhanced preservation of soil moisture and soil fertility. This will help in distributing hence minimizing total crop loss during extreme weather condition.Cluster approach to leverage the collective strength of farmers. The small farmers will operate in clusters to attract inputs, as well as introduction of innovative technologicalinterventions, will help the farmers with their collective bargaining power and agglomeration to reach economies of scale.Better storage and marketing facilities to enhance crop values and fetch better price. The farmer clusters will have their own market outlets in the market with state of the art storing and packing facilities.Access to micro-irrigation techniques to provide support for the moisture requirement throughout the year.Our solution envisages addressing the followings through our Food Health Champions as the game changer to percolate the vision into action.



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