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Food Safety Initiative - Promoting households based on gardening and adopting innovative techniques such as gardening from PET bottles.

The major problem in extreme poverty areas is that neither soil around human settlements is productive for agriculture.  The solution is to bring good soil. After several production cycles and the good soil of the black color can be mixed with the reddish type.

The family food safety solution is a vegetable garden made from PET bottles, as in Fig. 1.

Good soil will be put in plastic bottles.

These cylinders will be placed in the ground to limit the effect of high temperatures. The water is small and will only reach the needs of plants without being scattered in the soil.

Even if it is not a large production option, food safety is ensured. Cultivated tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, onions, garlic, and greens like dill, parsley, etc.

This concept is the cheapest and most affordable solution for extreme poverty. Plastic bottles are found everywhere, and black soil can be brought in small quantities.



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