Food Security and Beyond

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Access to fresh food is a prerequisite for health. As urban populations grow, we will need to innovate a new food system to produce, distribute, and track, to ensure food security. Recent outbreaks and recalls have demonstrated the urgency for better visibility into our food system.

At Panacea Ag (, we use smart greenhouse technology to track the growing operations in greenhouses, from seed to harvest.

With our logistics partner Maven Machines (, we can track the transport and delivery through the supply chain.

And with the smart tag technology from our partner Adrich (, we can extend that tracking data through sales and post-purchase data analytics.

Thanks to this partnership, together we can show complete chain of custody in the food system. This is the key to knowing where your food came from, how it was grown, when it was harvested, how far it traveled, and more. We know every transaction and we publish the data on a blockchain for transparency.

We believe this digital food provenance is the key to food security and absolutely necessary for the health of sustainable cities.



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