Food Security and Employment for underserved

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Food security (so that the rural dwellers can have access to clean, safe, nutritious and affordable food without having to rely on humanitarian organizations) by cultivating their own food, at subsistence and commercial level and earning a living.

Employment generation (making good use of their time on their farms and organic fertilizer distribution )

Financial independence( they become relevant to themselves, their families, their communities, state and country thus decently increasing their income level and improving their living standards)

Success can be measured by attaining;

Food security and successfully creating employment for the target groups who become gainfully employed, thus retaining active labor.

By bringing in off takers that will buy readily available vegetables or farm produce which will recoup the initial capital and recirculation for the next stage of capacity building of the various groups earlier stated and at the same time extrapolating employment and impacting of more of the rural dwellers.



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