Food Traceability

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First, our data-driven farming system and feedback loop enable our farmers to improve their yield, and access no interest or single digit working capital to help them scale profitably. Our design is built for the delivery of high-quality farm produce to global industries, and ensure traceability to the last grain, which is the backbone for the feedback that will assist we and our farmers meet global agriculture standards.

After collating rich data on individual farmers (land asset, yield, plant produced yearly, production per hectare, planting and harvesting date etc.), we create a credit scoring system for them and ensure they can access loans from us and our partner banks at no interest or low interest rate. The loans are accessible through a telephone call in the farmer's own language (there are over 150 dialects in Nigeria)and from any type of mobile phone that can make a phone call. We ensure the phone call is secured. This helps us drive financial inclusion amongst the poorest of people in Africa that are financially excluded.

Also, we offtake their produce, aggregate and sell at the global market, so that regardless of size, farmers can enjoy competitive prices for their produce, hence, helping farmers grow out of poverty and achieve economic scale.

For Farmers, we give them access to finance, market, information, and global agriculture practice.For our partner Industries,We deliver high-quality farm produce that are traceable to the last grain.

This is an irresistible offering to both ends of the value chain.



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