Food Waste to Organic hydroponic Rice

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Food is wasted more in the Third World country such as Nigerian. My solution will be to process the waste food, fruits and vegetables into liquid organic manure. We run it as manure in our hydroponics from the storage tank to the rice crop in the chambers and back the cycle.

These chambers are also made of waste plastics cans which, ordinarily are disposed as littlers in the environment. We gather and wash them and convert them into hydroponic chambers with the use of pump machine, PVC pipes and storage drums and some water horses.

So instead of using inorganic fertilizers of ready made liquid fertilizers, we use the waste food extract to run the system.

Another worry would be the odour of decaying food. We pass them through activated charcoal to absorb 80% of the ordour.

The advantages are that the rice produced are organic, the yield is higher compared to the one from the field. Also water is conserved compared to the irrigation system in the field and the water pump is DC operated and can also use solar system. We live in the tropics and solar energy is in abundance.

The activated charcoal is made with rice husks. That way nothing is lost to the environment.

So there are two sides to the coin, we are gathering reusable wastes as food waste and as waste plastic bottles to keep the environment clean, as well as adding value to lives by the production of organic Rice.



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