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By decentralizing and distributed food production into people's homes, we are able to produce food hyper-locally versus shipping food from one part of the world to the next. Our solution can be deployed into homes and pool the collective food production of all the units to provide for a particular area. For example, if we have 780 of our food growing pods deployed in one city this collective food production power is listed on our free app that would allow people in that given area the ability to purchase affordable freshly grown food from their neighbors. In addition, As we collect more and more data from the units we can update the software to go food more efficiently and use last power. Our pods use aquaponics to produce raised fish and leafy green vegetables for those in the developing world. Our pods can be powered using solar and are engineered to run on very little power. Thy hyper-local food production means that those without access to gardens or land can still access the food produced by their neighbors at a fraction of the cost and at a much lower carbon footprint



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