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We take control of the supply chain by phasing out middlemen and intermediaries who are always responsible for the hike in prices of farm produce in urban areas and across the agricultural value chain through our custom built website and mobile app.Our reliable, cost-effective, storage facility and high-speed logistics helps to solve for inefficiencies in the supply chain.All our farm produce goes through quality assurance checks, hence ensuring the delivery of the best produce with minimal food lossAgriculture currently accounts for 70% of employment in Nigeria, but Nigerians still spend billions of dollars on food imports, this is a huge source of revenue forfeited by our local farmers to foreign farmers and food companies. One of the reasons for the shortfall is that Nigeria has 84 million hectares of land suitable for farming, research shows that Nigeria’s farmlands remain under-utilized with only about 41% of the country’s arable farmland currently cultivated for agricultural production with inefficient, outdated methods and without basic inputs.

The country’s agricultural sector is still dominated by smallholder rural farming households who face the challenge of lack of access to capital, poor mechanization, lack of knowledge of modern agricultural practices and high-risk exposure.

The agricultural industry contributes about 21% to our annual GDP.



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