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To augment access to healthy and sustainable food for the urban population , an innovative software is being developed. The software has free game, puzzle and recipe for healthy food as well as educational skills on food management. The educational skills is intended to assist urban population to develop positive attitude to accessing and management of food. The software also provides an initiative known as “planting for food and jobs”. With this initiative, more urban population are incentivised to plant or cultivate their own food and share with their respective communities. Consequently, the urban population can continue to share ideas on effective and sustainable food skills to improve food access.

Moreover, the use of this software enable urban population to access excess food at places where it is readily available before the food runs waste. Also, the supply chain of food from production to the final consumer creates lot of wastes and losses. These food losses and wastes has declined access to healthy and sustainable food to the urban population. Through the use of the Foodbillion software , farmers are able to readily access market, storage facilities and competitive prices of goods and services. Manufacturers and industries with the software can also locate farmers and farms where they can access food for processing. With efficient allocation of food at vantage points across the supply chain with the Foodbillion software , more urban populations have more access to healthy food.

Lack of proper planning for food prevents food from being used in time resulting in extensive food waste. The Foodbillion software initiative allows the urban population to properly assess and plan for all food items. This allows urban population to only acquire food their knowledgeable about and prioritize for food. Through planning to acquire food, there are less waste engendering increased access to food for the urban population. In addition to this, some of the urban population due to poor tax incentives and perceived product liability risks, they are deterred from donating food or unsellable products food products. Also, some of the urban population are overly conservative about donations. The Foodbillion software provides a relaxed system the urban population can donate food where donors receive monthly cash incentives to offset perceived risks to promote healthy food availability.



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