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If the United Nations’ concern on climate change and its objectives outline have to be achieved; especially in Sub Sahara Africa. Then major action must be undertaken to redefine food system and build a better food system that will help to address changing climate conditions. To do this, we fix the agricultural sector which is the backbone of many economies across Africa. And, then fix the packaging; how foodstuff/groceries are packaged and what happens to food waste and what fertilizers the farmers apply to their farms. We believe if these conditions around food system are addressed and managed; it will result in a decrease of carbon footprint, also it can reduce hunger and drive prosperity, lifting deprived rural farming community out of poverty. The problems we are solving with our solution: Household carbon footprint, food waste, single-use grocery packaging bags. How our solution addresses the issues: We build social commerce communities and clusters of SMEs that depends on Agricultural output and connect then directly to local farmers. Our platform provides a payment system to facilitate a secure and transparent transaction. Mostly the deals are initiated by a community leader on our mobile App. Usually, the community leader gathers residents living in the same compound or colleagues and create a group on our mobile App. When the deal is closed between the buying communities and the farmers. Then through our logistics partners, the items are transported to central packaging and dispatching centre; to process the orders and then ship it to community’s leaders. Each user then has to pick up their orders from the community leaders. We award tokens to households that return their food waste and grocery plastics bags at our Eco-conscious centres. Besides household food waste, we are working towards resolving the open field agricultural waste burning, dumping of sewage in the sea or river and waste from abattoir by putting up sustainable projects for converting the wastes into biogas using an anaerobic process for energy and organic fertilisers. The organic fertiliser will help curb soil degradation by reducing excessive use of inorganic fertilisers.



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