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FoodPrime is addressing the problem of hunger, minimizing food waste, and bridging the gap in food inequality via the FoodPrime Mobile Application that connects those who have surplus food that could go to waste to those who need food in their community. This is achieved via the application interface that allows registered users on the platform offer their cooked or uncooked food, swap food items or browse through list of offers and claim food items for themselves with no money changing hands. Alternatively, users can indicate that they are hungry via the Request feature on the platform. The FoodPrime approach is to help communities reduce hunger, reduce waste, redistribute surpluses, diversify their pantry and build stronger community. A new feature on this platform currently under development allows registered grocery store, food producers and food retailers display and sell food items that are approaching the end of shelf-life at a discount hence minimize food waste and reduce profit loss.

FoodPrime mobile application notifies users in real time whenever other users within two kilometres radius of their physical location want to share their surplus or leftover food, swap food items or indicate they are hungry. The platform will also send real time notification to users when food items that are approaching their end of shelf-life are added by a registered food retailer and ready to be sold at a discount.



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