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Over 90% of the $350+ billion food supply chain in Africa is dominated by millions of smallholder farmers, street food vendors, small food shops and food retailers in open-air markets across Africa and most of who reside in rural areas. Over 85% of these players are women, most of whom are poor. Despite dominating this industry, the majority of them remain poor. This is caused by the inefficiencies in the food supply chain, caused by the multiple layers of middlemen who buy from them at a very low rate then sell at a higher rate to other middlemen; lack of storage; logistics challenges and poor access to market.

To solve these problems we built a robust digital marketplace that enables informal Food retailers and street vendors to order directly from Food Manufacturers and Farmers as well as sell directly to consumers. To solve the logistics issues we have a hyperlocal delivery system ( that works like uber ) which enables anyone ( usually economically underserved people) to offer to pick up and deliver food and farm produce using any means available to them such as foot, hand-pushed carts, bicycles, motorbikes, tricycles, cars, and trucks.

By cutting out middlemen and increasing access to market for informal and underserved players in the food supply chain. We increase their income by at least 30 % thereby lifting them from poverty as well as reduce food waste. By reducing inefficiencies, improving logistics and reducing middlemen we reduce the cost of food for consumers thereby making them able to afford food and reduce hunger.



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