For-profit Wastewater Reduction with Microenterprise Enablement.

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OVERVIEW. Leakspotter's patented, award-winning cleantech can save corporations in developed countries millions of dollars in water (where it's expensive), then funnel earnings to water infrastructure & innovation projects in developing countries. The founder, Mahesh Viswanathan, originally from India, believes technology and ethical entrepreneurship can help. The US has running water available 24/7 whereas in India even 24 minutes of water a day would be plentiful. India has had riots over water rights as recently as 2016, and it'll only get worse if we don't act.

THE PROBLEM. Toilets leak 20% of all water used indoors and are the #1 reason for post-meter waste. Tenants and condo-owners are indifferent and don't report problems because they don't care -
they don't pay the bills! In the USA alone, 4 trillion litres is lost, about $15 billion. It's more than our drinking water needs. It's a week's worth of water down the Niagara falls.

THE SOLUTION. Leakspotter's Smart IoT sensors, one per toilet, continuously monitor waterflow and use cloud services to detect, triage, report and escalate anomalies, sending alerts as needed to Maintenance or Management. All toilets are mechanical, therefore all will leak, some on the first day, some in the 15th year. We have seen both happen. Therefore all need continuous monitoring.

OUR INITIAL MARKET is residential and hotel properties (offices have much fewer toilets) in larger buildings (fewer decision makers involved, also easier for WiFi networking). Our revenue will be 30% of our clients' savings. For example, we'd save a 1,000-apartment property $100,000 of water, so our income would be $30,000 and the customer's increase in revenue would be $70,000 (references available).

FUNDING OTHER INNOVATORS. Our simple goal is to work with accelerators and reputed non-profits in developing countries to fund small companies with water and sanitation initiatives, and mentor them towards profitability and potential acquisition. Such reinvestment will be financed by part of the earnings from the 3rd year of clients' yearly payments.



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