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Forkful is the engine behind thoughtful food, making it easy for individuals, food producers and restaurants to navigate the food landscape. Powered by machine learning and empirical evidence, Forkful works at the composition level to assess nutritional benefit and environmental impact, inspiring healthy, low-impact eating that is as good for us as it is for the planet. Forkful is a simple, accurate and unbiased Food Systems Designer, – FSD, we're coining the term – servicing both demand and supply-side to facilitate market coordination.

Adopting a low-impact diet and reducing food waste are Project Drawdown’s top two demand-side climate solutions, and the UN and other leading organisations agree.We believe that improving our food systems is the key to a sustainable future and we are ready to meet this Global Maker Challenge.

By empowering individuals and businesses to measure, understand and take action on the impact of their food choices and offerings – through carbon accounting and offsetting – we are able to reduce both the CO2-equivalent emitted along the food supply chain and the associated social cost of carbon (which accounts for the future damage of each additional tonne of CO2 emitted).

Preventable diet-related health conditions are putting enormous strain on healthcare systems, and through education and awareness, Forkful aims to reduce the Cost of Illness – the value of the resources that are expended or forgone as a result of a health problem – incurred due to avoidable dietary risk factors.



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