Formalizing Africa's Food Supply Chain

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Ending post-harvest losses

Over 30percent of food in Africa is wasted before living the farm. This is a key concern to Africa's smallholder farmers, many of whom are scattered and in remote areas, hence access to market is difficult. This gives farmers a very unfair bargaining power, hence unscrupulous middle men buy their produce cheaply and sell it at exorbitant prices in cities.

Our m-commerce platform enables smallholder farmers to register their gardens on our system, where we guarantee them market for their harvests

We use mobile phone technology to match demand to supply, aggregating market participants and finding market for farmers produce in Africa's large but fragmented supply chain.

We also run a chain of collection centers scatered across remote areas of Africa. This is where all produce from the farm-gate is gathered before being transported to our central packhouse. These act as storage units and transaction points for smallholder farmers.

Food security.

At the food markets in Africa, produce is usually handled in filthy conditions by middle men, hence consumers pay highly prices for poor quality.

Our smooth supply chain ensured that food is handled properly by our trained harvesters right from the farm gate > the collection centers> our central packhouse.

At the central packhouse, produce is cleaned, sorted, graded and packed before being dispatched off.

We also use refrigerated trucks and cold rooms for proper storage and transportation of produce, hence giving it a longer shelf life.

Transparent pricing

Food prices will be displayed on our digital price boards placed at every collection center. These prices adjusted according to the market prices, hence providing farmers with a better altanative from the middle man.

We also hold Farmer Engagement Monthly Programs (FEMPS), where we  train our farmers in farming practices , access to credit through our partners, seeds etc.



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