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Formally makes immigration and other legal forms easy. We exist to break bureaucratic barriers and make immigration and work more accessible. By making complex forms accessible, we empower attorneys to outsource the form-filling process to the applicant. Formally reduces the time spent on each application by 75% and empowers applicants. By doing this, Formally helps attorneys take on more clients and allows them to help them better. Formally ́s technology is solving in two respects: First, we increase legal representation by saving attorneys time, allowing them to serve more clients and by increasing revenue for immigration organizations we will make legal help much more affordable. Second, we are providing a solution and referral system for individuals who cannot access legal resources. The reason we chose to address these issues with a web application is because of the highly scalable nature of software. We are confident that we will succeed at solving this issue because

  • We are timely in our approach (asylum issues are salient and legal tech had over 700% growth in 2018),
  • we are a diverse, international team equipped to tackle this. Due to our extremely low overhead and low marginal cost, we will be able to create impact at scale, even with limited resources. We have no doubt that Formally will create impact at scale and empower immigrants and attorneys who serve them across the US and beyond. We believe that we are a wonderful fit for this competition as we strategically connect refugees and forcibly displaced populations with enduring and effective legal, healthcare, and education services.



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