Forte (New Way to Finance Reskilling)

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Millions of forced migrants do not have access to high-quality training and skills accreditation, so cannot work, earn income, support their families, live with dignity, and achieve their full potential.

Put simply, we don’t currently have a way to finance high-quality retraining forced migrants at the scale required.

But there’s a new, better way to invest in human potential.A new way tofinance education at no cost to individuals or governments That way is Forte.

Here’s something our Founder discovered during his PhD:The cost of reskilling is often far less than the increase in government tax revenue caused by that training.That’s where the idea for Forte comes from.In essence, Forte enables education to be paid for with that increase in expected future tax.

It works in 3 steps.

  • Via Forte, investors can pay for the training of individuals who would otherwise be paying no/negligible tax.
  • This training, by its nature, increases expected employment, incomes, andgovernment tax revenue.
  • Governments pass back to investors an agreed portion of the tax revenue attributable to the training recipients, for a set period.

This arrangement is mutually beneficial. Individuals receive training at no cost. They just pay the usual tax rate. Governments get to help individuals without worsening the budget.Investors do well while doing good.A win-win.



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