Fortified Dairy Products for vulnerable group

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Rogathe Dairy farm offers various dairy products which are the solution to the problems associated with malnutrition among children and pregnant women in Tanzania. Our Dairy products are made organically from 15 zero grazed dairy cows which produce 150 liters of milk per day which are then processed to 4 other products for which are

  • Rogathe Dairy Farm has Fortified Fresh Milk rich in Vitamin and Minerals such as Vitamin A,B, C and Minerals like calcium, Iron, selenium. These fortified fresh milk is available for children below the age of 5 years and also it can be consumed by adults hence solves problems associated with stunting growth and malnutrition
  • Rogathe Dairy Farms has fortified fresh milk that is rich in folic acid and iron special for pregnant women and all other women in reproductive age group. This product replaces the use of follicle acid and iron peels in hospitals which are sometimes not available hence reduce problems associated with still birth and loss of blood during pregnancy
  • Rogathe Dairy Farm has developed innovative therapeutic fortified candy sweets. Candy’Canaan is a milk based candy sweet commonly made from cow milk, butter, sugar and a mixture of vitamins, salts and minerals in a plastic wrapper for the most vulnerable children and pregnant women, who have been diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition. The milk based hard candy supplements sweets are used to stabilize and provide “catch-up” growth, by providing the appropriate energy, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals respectively.



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