Fortified maize milling plant

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· The project wishes to strengthen commercializing maize growing for value addition, in Kasese & neighboring districts, Uganda, East Africa. This project involves mobilizing, training and equipping farmers, majority of whom are women and youth, with production tools to enable them engage in commercial maize growing for value addition. This business model seeks to empower vulnerable substance farmers by transforming them into commercial, business farmers. In order to sustain the model, it is strengthened by processing facilities to provide for value addition so as farmers outputs can be procured at good market prices and processed to get finished products as opposed to marketing them to the local investors in raw form. Upon production of maize grains by the farmers, the company procures the grains and processes them into different items including: Sweet Maize mill (SMM), High Protein Sweet maize Porridge (HPSMP) for malnourished children, Sweet Maize Poultry Feeds (SMPF), Sweet Maize Animal Feed(SMAF).



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