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The need for healthy foods cannot be overemphasized and that is while we offer a solution that maximizes an aquaponic system to ensure the steady production of catfishes, vegetable and herbs in a lesser land space. We also utilize renewable energy in all farm processes and operations, because we are also concerned about out environment.

This solution also entail the processing of the farm produce, so as to achieve a better and longer storage time as well as making it possible for the farm produce to be transported to long distances and achieve a farm reaching impact. All the farm produce will be organically grown and therefore would pose no threat to health whatsoever.

We also intend to impact the lives of rural farmers, by training them on this modern way of farming. By so doing, we do not only make ourselves the only solution providers but we create a strong connection of individuals committed to sustainable food production, which definitely leaves a ripple effect that will be felt by the vast majority of the population and thus impact the economic food production to a very large extent.

The advantage of this solution is that it requires less space, less investment in growth facilities like manures, fertilizers and the like and it also uses biowaste for its processes thus achieving both a semi recycling system and food production all at the same time. Another advantage is that the farm can be situated in a residential area, as it doesn't pose any environmental challenge at all.

This is our solution and it is doable, renewable, sustainable and it is learnable. We have realised that the major solution to the food challenge that is predicted to befall the country soon with its ever increasing population, can be impacted positively of more people are engaged in farming and food production. Thus we make it our priority to show, train and inform them on an interesting beat to achieved more profitable food production while utilizing lesser space mass.



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