Four Global Problems, One Profound Solution, xPath™ Technology 

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Inventi™, Inc's
Veactor™ xPath™ Technology 
Novel solutions to massive, age-old energy sustainability challenges.  
1) Electromagnetic Pulse Threat - we protect an $8T global asset (electric grid) from natural or man-made surges up to 40%. (add absorbs)
2) Heat Resistance Related Efficiency Losses - we recapture 6% of all generated and harvested electricity normally lost as heat during transmission to end-users. ($1.7T global sales * 6% = $102B annual savings)   (need a 1:1 compare)
3) Cost Prohibitive Grid Modernization - we deliver a path to upgrade, modernize and extend life of aging electrical grid infrastructure AND investment grade rate of return (ROI) for investors. 
4) Synchronization of Dynamic Smart Grid - we deliver a simplified, low-cost method to synchronize a dynamic decentralized grid and generator network. 



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