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Frautechnik is community of passionate women and girls who want to learn coding and contribute to engineering. The ratio to women to men in engineering classrooms is skewed. In the academia ,there are few women professors teaching engineering. I have observed during my professional experience and studies, female engineers are far less in number than male engineers.As an electrical engineering major, I experienced this myself.

My solution is applicable all over the world . There would be community led classroom teaching with real skills required for engineering and how to generate interest among girls and women  for engineering and pursue it.The unique thing about this classroom will be it is a smart classroom so they can see the application of technology in real life.They would be getting hands on experience in dealing with  electronics like building computer hardware and software , writing code for those computers, repairing Television sets, etc. This community led classrooms will have volunteers and full time associates working on designing real like skill based learning tools.

The classroom will have provision to combine art with technology, learning about machines with touch and apply technique and building robots to help them with daily tasks  to understand how technology can help them to make lives easier. This modeled smart classroom will be open to women and girls from secondary until graduate level.These courses will be designed by understanding female psychology and how women and girls take interest in gadgets, machines, coding,engineering and creating systems.

Numerous  community centers within the cities and suburban areas will  implement this solution and during the year there will be various  competitions among different community centers to boost  learning and application.This will allow exchange of knowledge and learning  within women and children.Having a monthly exhibition, debate , showing solutions to your friends and family will encourage women and girls to receive positive feedback and continue their motivation. After successful implementation of this programme , it will be expanded to public schools.  



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