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Ukraine has one of the most extensive systems of free primary and secondary legal aid provision in the world and progressive Law of Ukraine on Free Legal Aid – the regions influenced by current more than five years conflict, Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, pose high challenges to the provision of legal aid. The specifics of region – in the presence of large numbers of internally displaced persons, who face a unique set of legal problems (with property, housing, social wages, renovation and clarification of documents, legacy etc.) The project will create the model of provision of pro bono legal services for the most vulnerable groups of population of Volnovakha district of Donetsk oblast with further involvement of center of provision of free legal assistance (working in Ukraine but having not enough experience of work with specific vulnerable groups)

In case of successful implementation of the solution the vulnerable people on Volnovakha district will improve their life quality thanks to fostering, organizing and providing quality pro bono legal services.

The model is seen as multilevel assistance for the most vulnerable people:

Basic level: regular pro bono primary legal consultations (mainly, legal advice and drafting of non-procedural documents) in the office of Caritas Volnovakha for people in need be qualified lawyer.

  • Basic level mobile: mobile legal aid access points in the settlements of the regions (especially those close to the conflict line – so called buffer zone)

Advanced level: readdressing to receiving of secondary legal assistance (free legal aid system) on the basis of contracts to provide full and timely legal support to those in need, including people living in remote rural areas and on the conflict line

  • joint planning and cooperation with local NGOs non‑governmental organizations and state-supported free legal aid system to ensure synergy and cooperation, minimizing conflict and overlap and maximizing coverage.

Community level
increasing awareness among the population:

  • ‘Know Your Rights’ activities for vulnerable population representatives
  • recruiting and training of the local paralegal network – from the number of active vulnerable population representatives



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