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Fresh is a technology-enabled farm to fork solution that connects consumers with smallholder farmers in Latin America. With Fresh’s technological platform and logistical operation, farmers can offer their products to consumers and businesses, opening up new channels of commercialization and providing them with fair prices for their products. Where before they were unable to get them. Through our efficient system, we are also able to significantly optimize production, reduce food loss and single-use packaging by shortening the value chain.

Furthermore, farmers will be able to upload their harvesting and planting plans for the week, month and year, so that they can keep track of what they can sell online. At the same time, consumer habits will be recorded considering what each person buys and when. Connecting both sets of data will help farmers optimize their income in time, considering that they will be able to plan in advance what, when, and how much harvest on a daily basis, thereby optimizing their production yield. 

Finally, Fresh provides consumers with a new channel to access fresh, high quality, and healthy food at a reasonable price. Restaurants and retailers will also be able to support small farmers, enhancing the quality of their products and their brand awareness. 



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