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What concerns governments in times of natural disasters or wars is only to harbor the afflicted .My innovation is Not only to provide refuge, but to create a new life for those in a most vulnerable situation and the project is to design small communities with respect of human dignity

The challenge consists of developing innovative solutions for humanitarian aid based on frugal application of advanced technologies applicable on any fragile earth on mother earth .

Earth building is an ancient construction method, rarely in use

Earth building is: fast, economic, recyclable and needs little energy in order to achieve

 Earth-bag construction is a method to create structures which are both strong and

can be quickly built. 

The technique requires very basic construction materials: sturdy sacks,

Filled with inorganic material usually available on site. Walls are gradually built up

Earth bag is the faster construction method because the elastic mould of the bag

The innovation now is to be prepared by on 50 acres we build 500 shelters

The shelter is 20 m2  for  4 persons

Which means we are able to receive two thousand refugees

In front of every shelter a space of 300 m2 to start their projects ( mini farms ) vegetables, fruits, chickens, fish,sheeps

The land is prepared for palm trees  ( for example ) or already planted if possible

The small farms will be around the palm trees or under them in long term

The necessity of planting palm trees lies in ensuring the continuation of the project and the financing of itself     

Small farm profits will be the farmer's right

After building the shelters and dividing the land into a small farm, the remaining fifty acres will be 160,000 square meters   They will be a corridors, sanitation station, sollar energy,  social club, and a handicraft school from the raw materials of the environment and management building



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