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With Instability in Gas and Oil Industry , demand Country Like Egypt where we consume 60% more than what we produce of our local energy and Fuel Security is always a concern , this to be considered as issue Number one . price heck in every industry Egypt with 25 Million people under the poverty line, people is suffering from essential products become more and more expensive and no more affordable which lead to two massive problems : 1- Health issue : where people Can't change edible oil in home in proper frequent time to reduce cost of living as in Egypt frying is food cultural specially for lower and middle class as it fill up and a lot of local food receipt is very famous in Egyptian cultural , unfortunately it's very dangerous to keep the oil more than it's time it;s start to oxidize and became a real poison a threat to many dangerous diseases from lunge failure to cancer . 2- Black Market : real shame we need to face and fight together as some real organized black business started to collect used cooking oil and re bleach it " re manufacture " and bottle it with unknown labels to be sold in the market for a cheaper price than fresh oil , and the result is increasing in Cancer sickness in Egypt by 150% from 1988 to 2016 and in young children specially . more and more issues appears for the people who don't know how to safely recycle UCO " used cooking oil according to official records from the state each ton of used cooking oil been executed in the sewage system cost almost 1330 EGP to be well treated in wastewater treatment plants , imagine the figures when you know that in household only there is more than 2.2 Million tons every year . We Biodiesel Misr provide the optimum solution for all mentioned issues with one hit we collect used cooking oil from the market , fight daily with the black market traders over UCO , raised our new collection arm for household collection were we offer to collect from home with 50% discount over fresh oil price , trying as much as possible to protect the environment health and safety , while we transform each kilo we collect into very high quality Biofuel 100% alternative to petro diesel , also we export all our products to Europe and MENA region we bring foreign currency we create jobs as we started this company team of 3 now we are 44+ full time employee and more than 120 freelancer on daily basis , as long as we grow we keep hiring . we believe we can save our country a fortune being wasted on health recovery from mentioned issues also a lot of money and efforts in wastewater treatment , while we create energy from waste we believe we can flick the demand of energy to supply if we just have faith on recycling. The company growing very fast from 300 K EGP total revenues in 2014 to 50 Million EGP in 2019 we know with your support and faith in entrepreneurs the world will be better place .



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