From waste to wealth

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We address the challenge in numerous ways...

First, as a recycling/manufacturing company, we have contributed immensely to our environment. Tonnes of waste papers are generated everyday and these waste are not properly disposed; thereby causing environmental hazard. We collate these waste papers, process them and convert them toilet rolls which we sell back to the open markets for profits. Toilet rolls aren't the products we manufacture from waste papers. Other allied products like facial wipes, kitchel rolls, serviettes, car tissues, couch rolls etc are all products of waste papers.

Apart from the waste papers, we also use waste nylors and plastic bottles to create nylon Bags which we use to wrap and package the products produced. Condemned nylons and plastic bottle are collated, compressed and melted to a certain degree before they're processed to form rolls of nylons cut into different sizes and shapes which can be used for packaging.

We're intensional in the use of recycled materials. If we decide to go the conventional way of producing toilet rolls and other paper products, it will go against our core values of producing on waste materials, also this will increase our cost of production will will also increase the price of our goods into the open market. For instance, toilet rolls made from fallen tress cost about N600, while the ones produce from recycled waste paper cost about N240. Both products serve the same purpose and none is superior to the other. This is a win-win for both the customer and we the producer.

Marketing our products also take an environmental concern approach. Instead of printing flyers, billboards, postals etc, as many manufacturers do, we decided to be heavy on digital marketing. Most of our marketing is done online and this has yield tremendous results to our organization. Cost is saved, our market reach is unlimited and most importantly, we don't waste any form of papers on printing. What a good way to go green.



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