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The core mission of our organization is to deliver healthy food, and contribute to agricultural innovation in Nigeria, so as to increase the standard of living for our citizens. This is essentially what drives us and all our projects are centered around that. We started our Fruitzy line 2 years ago, which makes fresh juices using local fruits. The mission of this project is to help reduce the intake of soft drinks by Nigerians, in order to improve the health of its citizens. Our drinks have no preservatives and are organic. Fruitzy helps reduce post-harvest loss and market waste of agricultural products by buying from farms directly, in large quantities and paying for products ahead of time. This has helped reduce waste because the fruits do not have to spoil while farmers are waiting for patrons to buy their products. We recycle the byproducts of the fruit (peels, etc.) to farms for their use in feed. We hope this will:

  • increase farmer's incomes, by reducing their cost of production; and
  • aid in the production of healthy meat and crops for human consumption.

Our project is focused on high-quality production of healthy, organic juices, free of additives. In addition to our contribution to reducing post-harvest loss, we also recycle the byproducts of the fruits (peels, etc.) to farmers for feed. We try to engage with the community by having free giveaways of our product on Friday, in addition to implementing corporate social responsibility programs, such as visiting children’s homes and donating food and our products to them. We hope to implement a program of recycling the plastic bottles we use, so as to keep the environment clean for its citizens.



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