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Good food is the backbone of all human growth in the world, without the right nutrients in the human system it would result to sickness and diseases which can also leads to malnutrition in children. At F&S we deals in farming and processing of sweet potato into nutritious and attractive foods.

As you may ask why use sweet potato? Sweet potatobelongs to the Convolvulaceae family. This vegetable is sweet and starchy. It is a rich source of essential nutrients for growth and it is also affordable too. Sweet potatoes are rich in carotenes. They also contain iron, copper, folate and manganese. They contain almost twice the amount of fibers than other potatoes. It has a lot of heath benefit some of these are:Sweet potato is a rich source of carotene and Vitamin B6.The carotene components alleviate the blood sugar by responding to the insulin. TheVitamin B6curtails the diabetes-related heart disease.

•Sweet potato juice promotes healthy digestion. This is because sweet potatoes contain arich amount of dietary fiber.Cleaning the gastrointestinal tract, these fibers help healthy digestion. The high fiber content also helps handle constipation.

At F&S we started an initiative on farming sweet potato by partnering with some farmers in our community to help cultivate the crop and also next year we intern to practice potato irrigation in order to make potato available throughout the year for processing and packaging for distribution.F&S process sweet potato tubers in to very attractive and nutritious foods, some of the foods are:Sweet potato tuber drinks,Sweet potato leaves drinks,Sweet potato flour for baking of pizza, turn overs, potato chips etc.Since we started these initiative these year we have been producing the potato leave drinks and flour for use in the production of pizzas, turn overs, rock bands and potato chips for distribution at our varies outlets. Our product are available at most of the shopping malls and places where people can easily walk in to purchase at an affordable prices.When the consumers are able to consume potato once each day it would be able to help reduce hunger, malnutrition and food related illness in the urban areas.We at F&S want to make sure that every individual in Africa and the world consume some amount of sweet potato each day. And with your help we can make it work.



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