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Furii organic fertilizer will improve soil physio chemical character and increase crop yields. it will avoid the health problem which is raising due to inorganic fertilizer utilization. since the plant which use inorganic fertilizer give inorganic yields. if its organic fertilizer feed, the plant yield will be  organic. Furii organic fertilizer manufacturing PLC is anew organic fertlizer producing company in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is still importing inorganic fertilizer from abroad which costs 1 billion dollar per year. beyond its expensiveness it causes loss in soil fertility, increase soil acidity and affect farming land life span. not only that company uses different bio waste from brewery industry (sludge) , cow manure and others. used raw materials are waste which can contribute to global warming and environmental pollution. so this new innovative project will solve two problem at the same time. one it can amend soil from acidity and increase soil fertlity. results in healthy and organic crop yields and can be available in low cost for Ethiopian farmers. since 85% Ethiopian peoples are farmers, 45% GDP dependent of Agri sector,, 85% of industrial raw material is from agri sector, and 90% of export market of Ethiopia is from agri sector. so enhancing agro thechnology result in Industry developments. the other is, recycling of bio wastes from environments. around 200000 tone/year of  brewery sludge will be recycled, 1000000 tone/year of cow and farm manure will be recycled for this special purpose.



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