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At Just Vertical we build furniture that feeds you! What that means is that we build mini-hydroponic farms for peoples homes, offices, and schools that grow food two weeks faster than outdoors while using 99% less water, no pesticides, and eliminating food waste. Consumers love our product for the food it provides, the air quality improvements, the benefits to mental health from having greenery indoors, and that it looks amazing! The best part though is that we've built this technology so that anyone can farm like a professional from day 1. 

In addition to the hardware we also provide custom seed and nutrient packages based on our customers desires to grow. This takes all the heavy scientific lifting out of our customers hands meaning they don't need to worry about what nutrient ratios go with what plants. All they have to do is put in the bottle we give them and then water once every two weeks! 

Our core growing technology is scale-able and can be implemented in tiny apartments all the way up to full scale farms. We are a rapidly growing company with a founding team with solid academic and professional credentials in this space. Our first year in business we bootstrapped our way to over $100k in revenue validating our technology and business model. 

Together we can grow a healthier, more sustainable future. 



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