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I will not write too much. I have readed the detail of solution in rural transformation and zero hunger aspects. Many solution in this aspect have been developed like Internet of things (IoT) and hydrophonic. Before I discusses my idea I want to review briefly two recent idea. Internet of the things ( IoT) and hydrophonic. Firstly, our problem of rural transformation and zero hunger most occur in developing country like in Africa or Asia. Talking this problem we really can not discuss separately with others asspects like education and economic capacity of the community. We may have many solution but others aspect limit the implementation of the solution. Internet of things really good solution but we should consider others aspect, because many community in my country ( Indonesia, as a developing country ) especially who work in agriculture have difficulty for using new technologies like Internet of Things. Others limitation like economic capacity add difficulty in implementation of the solution. On the other side hydrophonic has been fulfilled the requirement of solution. Hydrophonic could be implemented in the places with less land, less water, less labor. But again we should look further into other aspect, hydrophonic requires high initial cost and the energy requirement ( electricity ) have to constanly supplies so energy requirement is high too. That is why in developing country we did not met implementation of hydrophonic and internet of things extensively. 

Considering others aspect as I have mentioned, I developed solution that I wish easier to implement and require less energy and low initial cost but still qualify in less land and less water. My solution is plant pot made from plastic which can regulate water and fertilizer release. Also it can be placed outdoor. To more easily understand the concept I have been designed in pdf documents. As we know when crop receive sunlight the photosynthesis will occur and growth will be begin. The optimal growth of the crop can be gained with support of fertilizer and water. From that principle the pot can detect sunlight then ‘’release valve’’ will open but “down valve’’ will close so fertilizer and water will help the growth to be maximal. When it rains the ‘’release valve’’ will close and ‘’down valve’’ will open so the fertilizer and water are not wasted. Energy to carry out the process is supplied from rechargeable battery. No labor needed except for refill the solution of water and fertilizer and recharge the battery. Yet actually we can design amount of battery , amount of the solution of water and fertilizer which can reach harvest period so really no need labor except for harvest. And there is no need many fertilizer, water and land because all is optimized in this pot automaticaly. One pot can be filled with some crops. And the most important In this scheme solution the initial cost will be lower because main material is plastic and easier to implement because the only things that farmers do is harvest. I'm sure my solution has its drawbacks too like lack of detail design and optimal valve hole size, but other solutions should be considered in all aspects as well as ease of implementation and others because I think the problem cannot be separated from other aspects. if I pass the selection I will make a detail design and prototype. I think we can work together further. Thankyou.





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