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This world is getting more urbanized than ever. By 2050, nearly 7 of 10 people in the world will live in cities (World Bank, 2019). For developing countries, the urbanization rate is much higher than the global average. Urban development is generally unthinkable in the absence of rural development, particularly for areas where agriculture is the mainstay of the economy. Rural areas are absolutely necessary for urban areas to function. Almost all ecosystem services of urban areas are imported from rural areas.Urban areas rely on rural areas to meet their demands for food, water, wood, raw materials, etc., which are basically products of rural ecosystem services. Nevertheless, the benefit that rural areas gain from urban development, such as market, farm inputs, employment opportunities, etc. should not be overlooked. Rural-urban connectivity is multi-beneficial. Particularly for the Asia Pacific region that contains 10 of the world’s 32 landlocked countries. connectivity to urban markets allows lengthening of market chains and connecting rural producers to the wider market, enabling participation in the national and regional economy. Based on this case, We are developing a new app called G-Economy in order to boost economic gains of people living in rural area by breaking their integration barrier with the global economy. The trial version has been launched by using the database of Ungaran Region, as a representative of micro industrial city in Indonesia. We put their industries in our app that will let other people know about what they do and what the products they offer, some features like bookmark and review comment are also added. This mobile app also could help to enhance their micro business by providing the database of useful business services, such as; insurance service, loan, consultant, trading agency, distributor, etc, as well as surrounding infrastructures and public services.Furthermore, the additional information about vacancies and workshops could help jobless people or micro industries in rural community to enhance their competitiveness in global markets. For those who want to sell their product online, we also facilitate it by providing list of online shopping services, so they can choose by themselves the best place where they can put their products based on the category. We want to keep this app always remain free for all users especially for rural communities in order to eradicate poverty and improve their life standard.



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