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Garda Pangan is an impact startup and social enterprise in Surabaya, Indonesia, focusing on food wastage, with two main goals: food waste eradication and hunger relief. We providesustainable and responsible food waste managementservice to our clients from hospitality industries and food businesses, to reduce food waste while benefitting the clients, beneficiaries, and environment.

We pick up excess food from the clients, in which the edible food will be distributed to selected beneficiaries from poor families, and food scraps will be sent for animal feeds and composting facilities, with commitment of sending zero waste to landfill.


Since initial operation in June 2017, Garda Pangan has partnered with total 11 partners and have rescued 107,417 portions of food, and serve 90,380 undernourished beneficiaries, and still counting.

We currently have 110 locations of beneficiaries all over Surabaya, each one of them has been carefully assessed and surveyed, and thoughtfully-selected based on the target criteria, such as poor families, disabled, homeless, elderly persons, shelter, foster care, and so on.


By keeping the excess food supply from ending up in landfill, Garda Pangan has been contributing in reducing green house gas emission and global warming.

Since our initial operation in June 2017, Garda Pangan has rescued 16.1 tons of potential food waste, or equal with reducing 30,400 kg of carbon emissions, or 2,714 days of electricity consumption for one household.


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We believe Garda Pangan can provide an innovative solution to massive food waste problem in Indonesia, while giving access to food to those who are food insecure lacking access to nutritious food supplies.



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