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To solve the energy problem of future and to make the easiest way to use the natural resourses we are introducing our system of compressible platform with elastomers technology to generate energy .

The project will be very useful for developing countries.


*whenever a heavy vehicle passes over the speed breaker platform it compresses the piston which is attached with the actuators

*the actuators are filled with incompressible fluid(oil/water).

*the weight of these vehicles apply pressure to the piston of the actuators and the pressure is transferred to the incompressible fluid which further applies pressure to the attached elastomer which result to its expansion and it will develop some charge(0.4J/g for silicon elastomers) on elastomer surface.

*the charge developed will be stored in the batteries and which is further supplied for our purposes.

CUSTOMERS/USERS: Who are our target customers and why they would use your solution?

GOVERNMENT ENERGY SUPPLY BOARD is our direct customer.

The energy produced by our system will be a substitute for the energy used for the local purposes like lighting streets, traffic signals etc.,and the energy supplied by the government for these purposes will be saved, and government can use these saved energy for transmitting to the rural area for their domestic and development uses. so, in this manner we are reducing the load of energy production for the private sectors producing energy and government sectors also.


Now, the question comes why the government will use our energy, the answer is as the major energy production in  developing countries are based on Thermal energy, in which coal is a major source of energy, which is a fossil fuel, a non-renewable source of energy and present in a very limited amount on earth, so if the government use our produced energy, which is completely GREEN ENERGY and no fossil fuel is used for its production, as a result there is a relaxation on the use of fossil fuel used for energy generation.

 Our setup for energy production works smoothly and won't create any kind of disturbance to daily transport system, and it is completely effortless, and doesn't requires any continuos survigillance.


The unique features of our idea are :

1. our idea helps to produce electricity just by one time investement.

2. electricity production needs one time investement so it will be a cheaper form of energy production.

3. Green energy produced.

4. low maintainance cost.

5. very less no. of workers are required.

6. ample amount of energy production.

7. high future scopes in the feild of energy generation.

8. reduction in the transmission cost of electricity to the highways.

9. it helps in changing the life of rural areas by meeting their demands of energy supplies.


Our idea is different from existing competitor products as in countries like Mexico they are also using ELASTOMERS to produce energy for street lights but they are using compressors and turbine in their arrangement which makes the setup more expensive which is not suitable for a developing countries.

our idea requires less costing then their product as we are basically using a plastic speed breaker, actuators, incompressible fluids(oil/water), silicon elastomers and transmission system.The use of elastomers in the field of energy production is a very fresh concept and scientist are working on the concepts of energy production through elastomers in different fields such as in Knee caps and elastomer shoes, which produces energy by the movement of human body.



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