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Population growth is intertwined with the necessity to increase crop yield and the resulting environmental overexploitation. As fast and reliable methods for the identification of pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites) are missing, the entire agri-food industry is struggling with considerable hardships, including financial losses, lowering soil productivity and environmental pollution. Farmers are constantly abusing plant protection products, food producers do not check their food products for the presence of pesticides, while animal fodder producers frequently fail to scrutinize their products in terms of microbiological purity. Terrabio is the smallest Opticycler® in the world used for agricultural and food safety testing purposes, which quickly identifies pathogens in the process of specific identification of nucleic acids. Terrabio does not require laboratory skills – the test can be performed by the farmer directly on the field. Within 35 minutes the device will report results whether any pathogen from the tested list is present in atest sample and whether it can be harmful to the crop or consumer health. Owing to the use of the diagnostic system concerned, crop care treatments can be managed in an optimal way and the consumption of plant protection products can be significantly reduced. What is more, it is possible to avoid food poisonings related to the use of low-quality water for crop irrigation or poor food transport conditions. The test material can be: food, water, plants, soil.



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