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In our opinion in the developing countries people need easy technolgys to build.

In central of our proposal are 2 wastage: the redmud from production of aluminium  and from electronic waste, glass parts.

There are lot of developments about redmud processing, people are looking for recycling technology. Especially in India but worldwide too. We are thinkinig they are doing wrong. The technology can be profitable but only with this specific technology. Other thechnologies are only hiding the waste and not actually making use of them.

We have been theorizing for 10 years and been made experiments of it. The technology must be simple and the material must be multipurpose. Everybody would like to make materials for wall of buildings but that is not enugh and needs other products been made as well. (For exapmle: metals.)

More and recent information in facebook side of an inventor:


I am an inventor. How every inventor I have problem about lenguage enlish and information technic, demonstration in internet.

But I hope someon will anderstand becouse this solution not a perpetum bobille or others inability. I think the world at the moment needs easy solutions what are feasible. I hope mr Mohammed Bin Rashid thinks so too. We help each other. I alredy got help becouse this possissibility is that too.




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