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To overcome the problems of digital illiteracy , We will be giving out an almost free android device to everyone in the community, with free access to the internet, We would hold free boot camps to educate them on how to use the mobile phone and there will be video guides and important applications pre-installed on the mobile device.

The phone will be produced using environmental friendly components and would be solar powered in order to aid those without access to reliable sources of electricity. It would then be given out and users would sign some terms and conditions to enable the safety of the device and so it would not be sold off easily.

To generate money for the data and cost of the phone production, Sponsored ads from brands, local companies and even start-ups would be shown on the devices given to them in order to make enough money to cover the real cost of producing each phone and data given to them. This in turn would encourage Service providers to establish and improve communication systems in such areas. 

We strongly believe this we would help close the digital gap and bring the solutions to their fingertips... Literally.



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