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Food security is a global challenge with third world countries suffering the most from the challenges it posses, in Western countries most farm products are processed with harmful substances dangerous to human health, while some farm products are faked in a factory in China and imported into these poor countries and sold cheaper than the original, an example: palm oil. Secondly the long process and time it takes for these farm products to get to the consumers results to increased prices while the farm products looses their freshness, Gifafo Foods wishes to cut the time frame and also reduce the cost of high end food products by replacing the traditional wholesaler and retailer, and most importantly build strong relationship with verified farmers who are it's main suppliers, and reduce the wastage inherent with unsold farm products. Countries like Nigeria has an unbalanced Forex market which results from mass importation of farm products from outside the continent. Gifafo Foods wants to boost the local content of such countries by listing only food products from local farmers on its online store to encourage more local production and making it a one stop destination for quality farm foods produced within the country and processed under hygienic conditions to reduce mortality rate and boost food security. All farm foods and products ranging from vegetables to livestock must be supplied by its verified farmers to ensure food security. Gifafo also plans to empower unemployed women and youths in rural areas with resources to farm and sell to the large population of it store users.



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