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GearHub will launched a project: "Girl Child in STEM 2020 (GCS2020). We planned  to reach out to at least 10,000 girls and enroll them to STEM Education. Additive Manufacturing is the corner-stone for manufacturing industries. Therefore, we will leverage on the advantage of 3D printing technology, which is a digital fabrication and teach the students how to 3D model using AutoDesk123 CAD and 3D printer. Thereby converting data into things and print out tangible objects such as robotics arms for better learning STEM and digital skills. We plan going to different school from public to private, teaching them these soft-skills, mentoring students and counsel them in choosing a career in STEM. 

With our system and methods after our feasibility study, we device some means which we can be able to communicate effectively with the students and even the parents to confide into STEM Education. 

We realize women have a lot to offer to the development of Nigeria as a nation when enrolled into STEM Education. Completion  of  this  project  will  further  our  overarching  objectives,  including: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goal Four (4): Quality Education and thereby increase digital literacy. 

This project will surely prepare the students and also produce productive students in STEM and digital skills:

  •        Access to ICT: Providing access to ICT in schools and supporting its use in learning and teaching will enable international engagement and helping teachers and students access a wide range of teaching resources through interactive online platform.
  •       Capacity Building: The government’s capacity to plan, design, implement and evaluate reforms is being strengthened.

  •       School leadership: School leadership courses offered through the programme will focus on raising educational standards through sharing experiences and skills to help school managers become inspiring leaders.



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