Give addresses to 1.216 billion in African

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under-developed logistics and a general lack of trust in online shopping

About one billion people in Africa are without a physical address, 4zipcode want to give them addresses and connect billion African to the World. With 4zipcode, users can generate a zip code from latitude and longitude our aim is toconnect 1.216 billion to the World.

All business especially online services like eCommerce depend on postal system to serve their customers. 4zipcode want to create jobs locally, increase power of purchase, enable some business witch are unable to operate well today because of lack of addresses in Africa. Today e-commerce, Ambulances, etc. Are not functioning well because there are no Addresses. The bank give loan only to the rich because other don't have have an address, Emergency medical services remain poorly developed in Africa because of lack of address.

I sell or buy anything online, once a buyer makes payment, I drop the book off at the post office to close the transaction or get goods delivered.

But in Africa, less than five percent of the population shops online because of the it more complicated to buy online that why Jumia retreats from some countries in Africa.

Our App helps address the Challenge?

  • 4zipcode helps Bank comply with KYC policies “Know Your Customer” and avoid paying for fines

In an era of cut-throat competition in e-commerce, a wrong address would mean:

  • Loss of time, Addresses has an economic value, sort mails efficiently based on geographies, people, businesses, etc.

Tackling security challenges and avoid de-risking and its effects on financial inclusion:

Our App can help also tackling security challenges such as money laundering because it help prevent people from opening accounts using false identities

Creat jobs locally:

Despite all the talk about equality these days, youth represent 77% of African population but are still stereotyped. Many industries, such as the tech, engineering, and mining sectors employ very few on the continent they prefer to operate from Europe or Usa in result relatively low purchasing power. We will operate from africa and job will be created on continent first.



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