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Global Scribes: Youth Uniting Nations® (GSYUN) is not perhaps the most ‘slamdunk’ solution to reduce barriers to education and skills training for displaced youth, but as a safe 'For Youth, By Youth, All Youth', virtual non-profit designed to disrupt the current trajectory of global chaos & stem social isolation we offer a virtual platform for youth to feel accepted, forget their troubles, build friendships, self-esteem, self-empowerment, and have fun learning basic inter-personal skills which can lead to acceptance and success. 40% of 7.6 billion people are under the age of 25 – 3 billion people. and unprecedented numbers of them acknowledge dangerous feelings of social isolation which can lead to suicide, bullying, drugs and even–terrorism. Our global youth are vulnerable. A pioneering social network to support our future stewards of humanity and our planet, GSYUN is designed to foster & showcase youth skills, passions & talents; bringing together youth across socio-economic, ideological & geographical distance, with participants ages 8
25 from private schools to refugee camps, from the physically disabled to the most-abled, from the brilliant to the challenged. GSYUN bridges the gap among youth & allows cross-cultural connections to flourish. Integration from every angle. We believe this is not only an innovative stride but a crucial step in today’s world of Social Technology. Scribers World™ is 24/7, empowering Scribers to interact in 4 monthly steps under our 3-part umbrella: Create. Connect. Collaborate. including weekly (global) video calls and daily chats, sharing their cultures, talking about their interests, brainstorming ideas to bring GS Team and SDG projects to life with leadership roles that enable them to directly contribute to building an inclusive global network interacting free from politics, religion, and socio-demographic segregation. With Scribers World™️ our vision for Corporate partners is to provide data to help their executives strategize their future product and production, they will inform GSYUN of skills future employees will need, and provide valuable virtual skills training for our youth, as we provide details to our education partners who can incorporate relevant skill training into their curriculum. GSYUN is a PeaceTech platform opening doors of possibility for all youth.



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