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Globe Shares will help refugees thrive educationally through a few services like an online high school that grants them quality education and a globally recognized high school diploma from the US to help them proceed to university and have better their chances at succeeding in life. It also helps refugees to take vocational training for those who want to learn a trade rather than an academic career. In addition, it helps them learn a new language when they are resettling to a new country. All of this at a very cheap cost and model that helps them thrive in life without thinking about the financial burden that many refugees go through when enrolling at online institutions. Moreover, it will help refugees have a better and equal life that ends all their suffering. In addition, it will help with college preparations and link students to guaranteed scholarships and help them apply to existing scholarships given that they now have a better high school diploma and the necessary preparations for SAT, ACT, TOEFL, etc. Most importantly, the curriculum is developing our students to become entrepreneurial leaders and equipping them with 21st century skills helping them to adapt to the changing employment market demands. It also requires them to use their summer vacations in gaining practical experience by either volunteering, interning, researching or building a business venture.



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