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Globeweb Integrated is a copyrighted mobile business platform and a humanitarian servicing platform By ADAMU, EZEKIEL IYAKO, to support students, displaced people and business people: To ensure that people can do businesses, learn and have emergency supports in regions of insecurity like Northern Nigeria.we integrates businesses, education/information, legal and security help together on a single platform,Four integrated buttoncategories are:

  • Emergency button: for security/police, fire service, doctor, ambulance service, clean water suppliers, and rural waste vans. Due to the insecurity nature of the north in Nigeria, the victim can reach help by tapping on the bottom, which loads the security numbers closest to the crime premises via the use of a GPS and you can call, SMS, snap and send evidence or videos of crime .
  • Education/Advert: with Students relevant information, like scholarships, help for practical’s links, and relevant health information links , free classes for students and business people on selected topics, payed and unpaid adverts/mobile billboard to generate revenue for sustaining our project.
  • HI-Fan: to make our app very interactive and interesting, u can interact with fans and friends on the apps messenger. Fans of games, products, communities etc can relate.
  • E commerce: To inquire and order farm products from rural communities. You can snap, mark, video products and pay. It is for selling grains and perishable foods, creating market for villagers and avoiding food waste.



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