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My name is Shadê and I’m from providence, Rhode Island the smallest state in the country. I have had a very hard life from infancy. I’ve been molested as a child, I’ve been verbally, mentally and spiritually abused. I’ve just had it pretty rough but fortunately roses do sprout from concrete. With that being said, none of these things in life have stopped me from trying to achieve happiness and stability. So much so that I started studying why the things happened to me happened and started to seek the path to healing my trauma verses sweeping them under the rug like the older generations.

I began doing research on how I could retrain my mind in order to feel happier and to gain more motivation and I found the power of healing that sound produces (SOMA). I studied and started a brand around the concept of colour (chromotherapy) and how wearing certain colors promotes the healing of your chakras to promote your kundalini ascension journey. I started changing my diet and gained more energy and clarity. 

My solution not only offers the human race a chance to live a happier life but to also break generational curses and restructure genetic defects. I’m just a down to earth girl who has had a pretty hard life due to poverty. I want to help the people who aren’t able to help themselves. I want to help people seek natural remedies to mental illness/pain. I want to heal peoples souls with my music. I want to travel all around the US/world feeding homeless people to help them heal and become valuable people to society again. If we can help the homeless restructure their defects because a lot of our suffering stems from diet, will we have a homless class? I can do all of these things, I just need the funds to deliver this in the way GOD has intended for all of us!



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