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By 2040, Indonesia is predicted to have demography bonus where the productive age outweigh the non productive age, making us to have a chance for fast development like Japan in the past. However, with the coming of fourth industrial revolution, our economy, job, and industry is driving for the future where the use of digital enabling access will be highly activated, causing a tangible replacement of the labour work to the computer. With huge number of productive ages in the future, are we prepared?

According to World Economic Forum, skills like complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, decision making, and many more will be significantly needed to survive in the industry of the future. In contrast, those skills are relatively poor to be implemented in Indonesian school curriculum, where according to the report; Indonesian literacy was at the rank of 0,001, the logical-mathematical reasoning were at rank of 40 out of 42 countries, with teacher quality grade was far below the standard, made a lead to the unsatisfying number of human competence; rank 70 out of 90 (GE Human Resource Barometer). In the other hand, university education with its specialisation on independent learning is expected to better equipped students with skill to the future industry, sadly can only cover roughly 30% high school graduates, making studying in higher education becomes a privilege. GoGoCampus Online Academy  aims to provide non formal education platform for highschool whom having slight percentage to access high education for future competence to have better competence to face the future industry. In particular, our online academy seeks to cover government inability to provide equal and accessible formal education by providing informal education services in digital platform; which above all odds will be freely accessible especially for the 70% high school graduate whom unable to pursue higher education.

GoGoCampus Online Academy is a whatsapp-based learning platform for high school students that help them to prepare for highly competitive higher education and provide access to soft skill classes needed in the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0. Nominated as the most installed android application in Indonesia, WhatsApp has became a promising tools in delivering the class. To verify, we conducted a research about WhatsApp penetration involving 500 students from all 15 districts of Lampung province and the result was consistent that 95% of the student had previous experience in using WhatsApp. Furthermore, WhatsApp ranked the first for the most used application (84%) (vs top 10 android application in Indonesia) and the most used communication application (97,3%) (vs top 5 messenger application in Indonesia). In terms of duration of use, two-fifth of the student use whatsapp 4 hours/ day and more.

In comparison to the biggest online learning application in Indonesia, it only reached 32,5% of the students based on our research and might indicate that almost 70% of students do not have access yet to such online learning opportunities. Moreover, barrier made by student phone RAM (Random Access Memory) capacity also become our consideration since 70% students has phone with RAM (Random Access Memory) 2 GB or less. In comparison with other top 10 android application, 64% student agree that WhatsApp is the lightest application. Consequently, WhatsApp has become an eminent yet affordable solution, since no budget needed to develop new learning channel. All in all, WhatsApp possesses high penetration to student both in urban and rural area of Lampung Province and is an inexpensive channel for conducting the class.

Within the class, curriculum is made as learning guideline throughout the year, that combine introduction to university/college life, scholarship and financial literacy, success story and motivational sharing and self-development. As the source/speaker, we invite undergraduate students, graduates and professionals from various background to share their experience and knowledge regarding topic on curriculum to the class. In order to be registered to the academy, student must submit their name, school, class grade  and major and their will be given link to one of class group. Classes are held at the weekend to suit student schedule. Currently, 70+ schools from 14 out of 15 regions in Lampung has joined the academy and 19 class sessions has been held during 2018-present.

By the following year, the academy aims to improve digital literacy on education to roughly 24.000+ deprived schools across Indonesia (Central Agency on Statistic Indonesia) through channels of students association both in the level of university and high schools. Currently, we have strong bound to three major students organisations; Scout -available to major public schools across Indonesia-, Muhammadiyah Students Association -1291 high schools in Indonesia-, Nahdhatul Ulama Students Association -1000+ high schools in Indonesia-. Not to mention, GoGoCampus currently manages to engage Lampung district-based organisation led and managed by university students (focus on contributing to their hometown development). For the future expansion, GoGoCampus aims to duplicate this networking-technique to further open the access in the remote. Having known that whatsapp is the closest access to students’ sparetime and interaction, and concerning to our abundant future collaboration, GoGoCampus Online Academy is a convenient platform to prepare the underprivileged students for the future (today) Industry.

All in all, having access to thousands of youth can benefit us to be the trustable spokesman for education sector, this additional value will be managed by us to provide brand endorsements service in each of our whatsapp class, in which we expect to earn revenue to financially sustain and develop our program.



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