Going Green With Technology

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My solution will ensure:

  • Proper and adequate public private partnership through total overhauling of the agricultural sector. This will create a multi-economy that will encourage youths engage in agricultural production and vocational training which will make them productive and depend less on white collar jobs.
  • Massive reorientation of the entire populace. This will enable emergence of focused and visionary leadership class which will understand the peculiarity of Africa by African leaders. My solution will help them in designing their developmental policies, ensuring that their raw materials are not exported in their raw forms, but processed and marketed in Africa.
  • Linkage of educational curriculum to what obtains in the labor market, ensuring massive and maximum domestic investment.
  • Creation of an enabling environment that will attract both foreign and indigenous investors in the Agricultural sector.
  • Creativity of the mind that brings about innovations that will drive economic prosperity. I believe that the biggest innovation that can guarantee economic prosperity is that innovation which will ensure the sustainability of the human capital. Economic prosperity isn’t just about having a good economy, it’s about how such economy will prosper, i.e. how the economy can become stronger and healthier. This will be achieved by ensuring that the human mind is trained, and encouraged to drive development that can create inclusive institutions.
  • Ensure safer cities. One of the ways to ensure safer cities is to ensure gradual afforestation of cities. There is need to encourage individuals and governments to plant trees across necessary places in the city.
  • Advocacy for adequate attention to the agricultural sector.
  • Improvement in food storage facilities and agribusiness utilization.
  • Understanding of what the SDGs are and why they are so important.
  • Increase in agricultural produce and value chain.
  • Opportunity to maximize potentials.
  • Easy market proliferation and access.
  • Reduction in food wastage.
  • Increase in participation of food production by both women and youths.
  • Food security and safety.
  • Infrastructural development.
  • Healthy life style through healthy and fresh food consumption.



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