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ClearLeaf was launched in Costa Rica to create sustainable alternatives to the toxic agrochemicals used in agriculture. We design and commercialize innovative pre and post-harvest solutions that manage the impacts of harmful pests while maintaining natural balances on the farm, protecting farmers and consumers.

Fungal and bacterial plant pathogens cause significant losses to global agricultural productivity and frequently develop into serious, difficult to manage epidemics. Agrochemicals using a systemic approach are the predominant pest control strategy in all commercial agriculture, worldwide. However, these agrochemicals can be extremely harmful to workers and the environment; and the microbial pests they seek to manage adapt to them. This frequently results in increased and abusive use and “microbial resistance” which, in turn severely harm the environment and workers, impair plant and farm function and potentially put consumers at risk.

The most widely used agrochemicals not only control pests, but kill beneficial organisms such as insects, secondary crops and wildlife. Pressure from regulators, certification agencies and more demanding clients and consumers is driving demand for environmentally friendly alternatives. Concerns over the presence of current agrochemicals in the food chain and their effects on workers (from farm to supermarket) are leading to new restrictions on many of the most-widely used agrochemicals – particularly fungicides. To date, very few viable alternatives to the current agrochemicals are reaching the market.

After years of multi-disciplinary R+D, drawing on cutting-edge biotech, surface chemistry, and medical, agricultural and polymer sciences, ClearLeaf has developed a range of innovative solutions that meet the critical market need to eliminate toxic systemic products that contaminate the environment and harm workers, while still meeting the performance characteristics required by small, medium and large-scale agricultural producers, as well as their increasingly demanding clients.

Our first product line, GotaBlanca®, is a line of non-toxic contact-action liquid emulsions that uses surface chemistry and colloidal technology to enhance plant growth through the control and management of fungal and bacterial pests.

GotaBlanca® is currently one of the only non-toxic fungi-bactericides currently on the market (anywhere in the world). It is broad-spectrum, does not cause microbial resistance, enhances plant growth (rather than impeding it like most current products), does not affect on-farm biological diversity, and can be applied at any time in the growing cycle (off-season, budding, growth, fruiting, and up to the moment of harvest). GotaBlanca® can also be used for the protection of post-harvest produce, to maintain freshness between the farm and the end consumer. Because of these characteristics, the GotaBlanca® line of products can significantly penetrate numerous product markets worldwide, garnering a significant portion of global market share.



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