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Gramophone is one stop solution for all kinds of inputs for the farmers. Farmers can buy genuine crop protection, crop nutrition, seeds, implements and agri hardware at their doorstep. At Gramophone we strive to create a difference in farming by bringing timely information, technology and right kind of inputs to achieve better yields for farmers. Our endeavour is to bring the best products and knowledge to the farmers. We have reached a base of more than 150,000 farmers, received more than 250,000 calls and an app install base of 80,000 farmers in less than 3 years of operations.

We believe that technology can remove information asymmetry in the agriculture system. Farmers can access localised package of practice, crop advisory, and weather information coupled with the best products to grow. This will improve the productivity and help farmers sustainably increase the income from agriculture.

Farmers face following problems due to unorganised nature of currently existing marketing channel of agri inputs

  • Availability at the right time
    Farmers face shortages

  • Availability at right place
    Farmers usually travel 2 to 20 kms to purchase inputs

  • Due to unorganised nature of market there is lack of price transparency

  • Genuine products
    many spurious products being sold in the market. Spurious products contribute upto 40% of agri input market share

  • Information asymmetry
    farmers are dependent on local retailers for product suggestions which is unscientific and leads to low productivity

How do we do this?

Gramophone is a call centre led model, where a farmer can place orders for his input needs and we supply the best inputs to the farmers at their doorstep. Farmers can access information about weather, commodity prices, crop advisory and also browse through inputs listed on our mobile application. Plan is to eventually shift from call centre based orders to mobile application.

In phase 2 of growth we want to bring credit, insurance and create market linkages for farm output through the information about farmers on our platform.

Our vision is to reach 20 Mn farmers in next 5 years and become the largest platform for data based decision making for farmers.



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