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Each year, tons of fruits are not going to the market and go to waste due to the growth in different color and size. They might be too big or too small and not meet the market demand. I remember when my parents grow melons to sell to the middlemen before taking to the market, around 20% of our yield was refused to buy because they were too small. After having the interview with local farmers, most of them are also facing this problem, growing crops of different sizes. This situation can affect the farmers' living standard which their living is dependent on the yield of crops they make. In Asia, there are almost 50 million people living in extreme poverty, where the majorityof them count on the agricultural sector.To address these serious problems,we come up with a sustainable plan is to turn those unconsumed fruits into delicious organic juice in order to help the farmers’ living to better condition.We also develop the platform that use blockchain technology which is able to store all the information of the food supply chain, providing the two features of transparency and traceability. Blockchain technology can ensure to enhance the improvement of food supply chain as all parties (producers, retailers, consumers) are now associated through the blockchain network. We are not only using this blockchain technology to buy the organic fruits from the farmers, but we also allow all the parties to make the transaction on our blockchain network.



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